Ariens Platinum 30 Operator's Manual

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Quick Start Guide
Deluxe 30 Platinum (921029 s/n 000101 & up)
Step 1: Assemble Handlebars
Step 2: Install Discharge Chute
Step 3: Install Chute Control Assembly
Step 4: Install Discharge Chute Rod
Step 5: Install Remote Deflector Control
Step 6: Check Function of Dual Handle Interlock
Step 7: Check Tire Pressure
Step 8: Adjust Skid Shoes
Step 9: Check Auger Gearcase Oil
Step 10: Check Engine Crankcase Oil
Step 11: Fill Engine Fuel Tank
Step 12: Start Engine
Step 13: Stop Engine
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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide Deluxe 30 Platinum (921029 s/n 000101 & up) • Step 1: Assemble Handlebars • Step 2: Install Discharge Chute • Step 3: Install Ch

Page 2 - Not attached Attached

Step Three: Install Chute Control Assembly 1. Remove the gear cover from top of chute pedestal. 2. Release the lock teeth on the gear assembly with yo

Page 3 - (Unfold Lower Handlebar)

Step Three: Install Chute Control Assembly Cont. 3. Remove the rubber grommet from the control panel. 4. Make sure the chute control cable is routed b

Page 4 - UNATTACHED handlebars ONLY

Step Four: Install Discharge Chute Rod NOTE: To ensure the discharge chute follows its full range of travel, make sure the control lever is centered

Page 5 - (Attach Control Cables)

Step Four: Install Discharge Chute Rod Cont. 4. Hook the chute control cable onto the chute rod. IMPORTANT: The chute control cable hook will prevent

Page 6 - (Unfold Upper Handlebar)

Step Five: Install Remote Deflector Control Cable 1. Connect the barrel cable end to the chute deflector cable anchor before clipping the cable to th

Page 7

Step Six: Check Function of Dual Handle Interlock Without the engine running, press down (engage) both clutch levers. Release attachment clutch lever.

Page 8 - Assemble Handlebar

Step Seven: Check Tire Pressure Check tire pressure and adjust to the pressure listed on tire sidewall.

Page 9 - Install Discharge Chute

Step Eight: Adjust Skid Shoes IMPORTANT: Skid shoes should be adjusted as conditions require. Allow 1/8 in. (3mm) between scraper blade and hard smoot

Page 10 - Assembly

Check oil level in auger gearcase (see Check Auger Gearcase in Owners Manual). Step Nine: Check Auger Gearcase Oil

Page 11 - Assembly Cont

IMPORTANT: The engine is shipped with 5W-30 oil in crankcase. Refer to engine manual for detailed instructions. Step Ten: Check Engine Crankcase Oil (

Page 12 - Install Discharge Chute Rod

Step One: Assemble Handlebars NOTE: The Ariens company has made changes to packaging that affects this serial number range. If the upper handlebars

Page 13

Fill fuel tank. DO NOT OVERFILL! See FILLING FUEL TANK in Owners Manual. Step Eleven: Fill Engine Fuel Tank (Ariens AX)

Page 14 - Deflector Control Cable

Step Twelve: Starting the Engine (Ariens AX)

Page 15 - Step Six:

Starting Engine / Step A: Choke Turn throttle all the way up. Turn choke ON.

Page 16 - Step Seven:

Starting Engine / Step B: Rocker Switch Push rocker switch to RUN position.

Page 17 - Step Eight:

Starting Engine / Step C: Fuel Shut Off Valve Turn fuel petcock to ON position.

Page 18 - Step Nine:

Starting Engine / Step D: Key Install Safety Key Switch. Insert ignition key into slot but DO NOT turn the key. Be sure ignition key snaps into place

Page 19 - Step Ten:

Starting Engine / Step E: Prime Prime system: 3 primes maximum. DO NOT over prime system. Make sure to cover the vent hole on primer bulb before the

Page 20 - (Ariens AX)

Starting Engine / Step F: (Manual Start) Grasp rope handle. Pull slowly until resistance is felt, then pull rope firmly and quickly to start engine a

Page 21 - Engine (Ariens AX)

Starting Engine / Step F: (Electric Start) Use a 3-wire extension cord and plug cord into starter motor adaptor first. Then plug cord into w

Page 22 - Starting Engine / Step A:

Starting Engine / Step G: (Electric Start) Press and hold starter button. Note: Do not hold the electric starter button down for more than 5 seconds.

Page 23 - Starting Engine / Step B:

Step One: Assemble Handlebars (Unfold Lower Handlebar) IMPORTANT: Be sure to block wheels or secure unit so it does not move during assembly. 1. Rotat

Page 24 - Starting Engine / Step C:

Starting Engine / Step H: Warm up Allow the engine to warm up for 1-2 minutes, move the choke control to the CHOKE OFF position.

Page 25 - Install Safety Key

Step Thirteen: Stopping the Engine (Ariens AX) Under normal conditions: 1. Turn throttle down. 2. Push rocker switch to STOP position. 3. Pull saf

Page 26 - Repeat for a total of 3

Additional Resources • Refer to Owners Manual and Engine Manual • Contact Ariens Company Phone: 920-756-4688 E-mail: 20

Page 27 - Grasp rope handle. Pull

Step One: Assemble Handlebars (Attach Upper Handlebar Assembly) 1. Attach upper handlebar assembly to lower handlebar using two sets of the handlebar

Page 28 - Use a 3-wire extension

Step One: Assemble Handlebars (Attach Control Cables) 1. Hook spring end of attachment control cable to the clutch arm. 2. Hook spring end of the trac

Page 29 - Starting Engine / Step G:

Step One: Assemble Handlebars (Unfold Upper Handlebar) Assembly) 1. Rotate handlebar into operating position. NOTE: Be careful not to damage cable spr

Page 30 - Starting Engine / Step H:

Step One: Assemble Handlebars (Connect Headlight Wire Harness) NOTE: The headlight wire harness comes attached to the upper handlebar assembly. 1. Rou

Page 31

Step One: Assemble Handlebar 1. Remove the lower and loosen the upper hardware on the handlebar assembly. 2. Loosen the hardware on the shift rod. 3.

Page 32 - Additional Resources

Step Two: Install Discharge Chute 1. Grease underside of discharge chute ring (if not already greased). 2. Remove mounting hardware from auger housing

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