Ariens Hydro Pro 36 Operator's Manual

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Quick Start Guide
Hydro Pro 36 (926055 s/n 101 & up)
Step 1: Unfold Handlebar
Step 2: Install Discharge Chute
Step 3: Install Chute Control Assembly
Step 4: Install Discharge Chute Rod
Step 5: Install Remote Deflector Cable
Step 6: Check Function of Dual Handle Interlock
Step 7: Check Tire Pressure
Step 8: Adjust Skid Shoes
Step 9: Check Auger Gearcase Oil
Step 10: Check Engine Crankcase Oil
Step 11: Fill Engine Fuel Tank
Step 12: Start Engine
Step 13: Stop Engine
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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide Hydro Pro 36 (926055 s/n 101 & up) • Step 1: Unfold Handlebar • Step 2: Install Discharge Chute • Step 3: Install Chute Control

Page 2 - Unfold Handlebar

Step Seven: Check Tire Pressure Check tire pressure and adjust to the pressure listed on tire sidewall.

Page 3 - Install Discharge Chute

Step Eight: Adjust Skid Shoes IMPORTANT: Skid shoes should be adjusted as conditions require. Allow 1/8 in. (3mm) between scraper blade and hard smoot

Page 4 - Assembly

Check oil level in auger gearcase (see Check Auger Gearcase in Owners Manual). Step Nine: Check Auger Gearcase Oil

Page 5 - Assembly Cont

IMPORTANT: The engine is shipped with oil in crankcase. Refer to Engine Manual for detailed instructions. Step Ten: Check Engine Crankcase Oil

Page 6 - Install Discharge Chute Rod

Fill fuel tank. DO NOT OVERFILL! See FILLING FUEL TANK in Owners Manual. Step Eleven: Fill Engine Fuel Tank

Page 7

Step Twelve: Starting the Engine

Page 8 - Deflector Control Cable

Starting Engine / Step A: Throttle Move the throttle control lever to the fast position. Operate the engine with the throttle control lever in the fas

Page 9 - Step Six:

Starting Engine / Step B: Fuel Valve Turn the fuel shut-off valve to the ON position.

Page 10 - Check Tire Pressure

Starting Engine / Step C: Key Insert the key and turn to the ON/START position.

Page 11 - Adjust Skid Shoes

Starting Engine / Step D: Choke Turn the choke control knob to the choke position. NOTE: Choke is usually unnecessary when restarting a warm engine.

Page 12 - Check Auger Gearcase Oil

Step One: Unfold Handlebar 1. Remove the lower and loosen the upper hardware on the handlebar assembly. 2. Loosen the hardware on the shift rod. 3. Pu

Page 13 - Check Engine Crankcase Oil

Starting Engine / Step E: Prime Push the primer two times. Be sure to cover vent hole on primer bulb. NOTE: Priming is usually unnecessary when rest

Page 14 - Fill Engine Fuel Tank

Starting Engine / Step F: (Manual Start) Firmly hold the starter cord handle. Pull the starter cord handle slowly until resistance is felt, then pull

Page 15

Starting Engine / Step F: (Electric Start) First connect the extension cord to the power cord receptacle and then into a wall receptacle. I

Page 16 - Throttle

Starting Engine / Step G: (Electric Start) Depress the push button. After you start the engine, first disconnect the extension cord from the wall rece

Page 17 - Fuel Valve

Starting Engine / Step H: Warm up Allow the engine to warm up for several minutes. Then, slowly move the choke control knob to the run position.

Page 18 - Starting Engine / Step C:

Step Thirteen: Stopping the Engine Turn the key to the off position or move throttle control lever to slow and then to the stop position (completely r

Page 19 - Starting Engine / Step D:

Additional Resources • Refer to Owners Manual and Engine Manual • Contact Ariens Company Phone: 920-756-4688 E-mail: •

Page 20 - Starting Engine / Step E:

Step Two: Install Discharge Chute 1. Grease underside of discharge chute ring (if not already greased). 2. Remove mounting hardware from auger housing

Page 21 - (Manual Start)

Step Three: Install Chute Control Assembly 1. Remove the gear cover from top of chute pedestal. 2. Release the lock teeth on the gear assembly with yo

Page 22 - (Electric Start)

Step Three: Install Chute Control Assembly Cont. 3. Remove the rubber grommet from the control panel. 4. Make sure the chute control cable is routed b

Page 23 - Starting Engine / Step G:

Step Four: Install Discharge Chute Rod NOTE: To ensure the discharge chute follows its full range of travel, make sure the control lever is centered

Page 24 - Warm up

Step Four: Install Discharge Chute Rod Cont. 4. Hook the chute control cable onto the chute rod. IMPORTANT: The chute control cable hook will prevent

Page 25

Step Five: Install Remote Deflector Control Cable 1. Connect the barrel cable end to the chute deflector cable anchor before clipping the cable to th

Page 26 - Additional Resources

Step Six: Check Function of Dual Handle Interlock Without the engine running, press down (engage) both clutch levers. Release attachment clutch lever.

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