Ariens SNO-THRO 932 User Manual

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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - Sno-Thro


Page 2

OperationAWARNING: Wear adequate winter outer garments and footwear which will improve footing on slippery surfaces. Wear eye protection s

Page 3 - A Safety Precautions ▲

Operation (Continued)»iaDirect snow away from area to be cleared and with direction of wind whenever possible. Crank rotates chute 220 degrees.If disc

Page 4 - Maintenance and Storage

Operation (Continued)Speed SelectorACAUTION: DO NOT overload machine capacity by attempting to clear snow at too fast a rate.ACAUTION: Operate equ

Page 5 - [A DANGER]

Lubrication and MaintenanceAriens Dealers will provide any service which may be required to keep your Sno-Thro operating at peak efficiency. Should en

Page 6 - Handlebar

Lubrication and Maintenance (Continued)Attachment Drive BeltAAAWARNING: Stop engine, remove key, wait for moving parts to stop and remove w

Page 7

Lubrication and Maintenance (Continued)Friction WheelTo replace friction wheel, tip unit up on housing on a flat level surface.Remove bottom cover by

Page 8 - Delivery

Lubrication and Maintenance (Continued)Oil and Grease LocationsACAUTION: DO NOT touch engine or Sno-Thro drive parts which are hot from operation

Page 9 - Controls and Features

AdjustmentsAriens Company recommends that you have adjustments made by your Ariens Dealer. He has tools and the know-how to properly perfor

Page 10 - Operation

Adjustments (Continued)1. Attachment Clutch Arm7. Attachment Clutch12.Attachment Drive Belt2.SpringControl Lever13.Attachment Drive Idler3.Adjustment

Page 11 - Operation (Continued)

StorageAWARNING: Never store Sno-Thro in an enclosed area where fuel fumes may reach flame, sparks, pilot lights or an ignited object. Dra

Page 12

A Message to Ariens Customers ...Welcome to the world of Ariens equipment. We are pleased that you have purchased the best Sno-Thro available. The car

Page 13 - Lubrication and Maintenance

SpecificationsDischarge Distance...3-35'Chute Turning Radius ...220 DegreesDimensionsImpeller Diameter...10"

Page 14 - Traction Drive Beit

Ariens932 Series Sno-Thro Dealer Preparation ChecklistNOTE: Refer to Owner’s Manual for detailed instructions.□ 1. Install handlebars and secure with

Page 15 - Auger Gear Case

Ask your dealer for information about these other fine Ariens Products:Front and Rear Tine Tillers21" Walk-Behind Lawn MowersWalk-Behind Sno-Thro

Page 16 - Oil and Grease Locations

ContentsModelsAccessories... 18Adjustments...15-

Page 17 - Adjustments

Safety Precautions (Continued)Gasoline is highly flammable and its vapors are explosive. Handle with care. Use an approved (RED) fuel container.NEVER

Page 18 - Adjustments (Continued)

Safety Decals[A DANGER]ROTATINGPARTSStop engine & remove ignition key before clearingAttentionWhen using summer attachments, remove heater box and

Page 19 - User Service Component

Dealer Preparation For Operation1. Attachment Clutch Lever8. Big Hook End2.Wheel Drive Clutch Lever9. Spring3.Speed Selector10Attachment Clutch Arm4.S

Page 20 - Accessories

Dealer Preparation For Operation (Continued)Discharge ChuteRemove mounting hardware from on top of engine (near spark plug). Position discharge chute

Page 21 - Dealer Preparation Checklist

Dealer Preparation For Operation (Continued)EngineIMPORTANT: Engines on all Sno-Thro models are shipped without oil in crankcase. Refer to Engine Inst

Page 22 - Brillion, Wl 54110-1098

Controls and Features1^P1. Chute Deflector2. Discharge Chute3. AUger/Impeller Housing4. Auger5. Impeller6. Scraper Blade7. Runner(s)8. Belt Gu

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